Educational Philosophy

Why I Teach...

  • To help shape the people for their futures

  • To help students search for opportunities and help them to reach their full potential

  • To help students find their voices and their niches so they can use those to help others 


To teach is to not only to share information but to help mold our students for their futures. We can teach them English, Art, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Phy Ed, Foreign Languages, Home EC, Agriscience, Business, etc. all that we want. However, to help teach students how to live their lives and find the path that leads them to their success and equipping them with the tools necessary to achieve their goals is my fundamental of education. As teachers, we are preparing students in how to live their lives and become proactive and considerate citizens.


While we teach content, first and foremost we teach students. We need to care about their needs in the classroom and provide a safe and respectful environment in order to foster successful and professional scholastic relationships in our school communities.